“Educating for the human changes, adoption, implementation and integration of digital needs at least as much time and effort as the technological change”

– Andrew Thoseby

1st Executive Pty Ltd

There is nothing new in the apprehension that employees feel towards technological change. We have seen productivity tools rejected by employees as “Big Brother”, all workforces threatened by performance management systems, mistrust of a new ERP product and sales forces struggling to believe in the value of a CRM. There are entire industries whose demise has been wrongly predicted with the advent of AI.

What We Think

The founder of Mindshop International, Dr Chris Mason, completed his PhD on change success. The study set out to examine why in most organisations, change initiatives typically had a 30% chance of success while the top performing organisations achieved levels closer to 80%. The change success model identified the extent to which 10 separate elements contributed to Change Success based around the three central principles of Readiness for Change, Capability and Beliefs. In addition, recent independent research has identified that the budget and effort required for integration and adoption of technology needs to be at least as much as for the technology itself.

change lense

Only 30% of change initiatives succeed even though successful organizations manage to get success rates of 80%. In digital transformation, where the consequences are often seen as more challenging and yet the most successful organisations manage to use digital productivity to improve the working lives of their teams, the risk of failure from poor preparation is increased. Use our tool to discover your chances of change success and receive strategies and steps to improve your capacity to change.

What We Do

Regardless of how broad or how narrow and deep a digital transformation strategy goes. Of whether this is in the arena of strategy itself, the business model, the customer journey, the employee experience, or market based initiatives and activations. It is vital that we overlay the change success filter and analyse the Readiness, Capabilities and Beliefs of the organisation to ensure the successful adoption and integration of the digital transformation planned to take place if it is to succeed.