Culture & Digital

“The main challenge isn’t technology, it’s culture”

– Tim Fountaine, Brian McCarthy, Tamin Salch

HBR, Volume 97, Issue 4

This quote came from an edition of Harvard business review entitled “The AI-Powered Organisation” but it is relevant for any application of digital transformation of the workforce. For several years, in a group of companies, we have contemplated how the path to real competitive advantage is actually the digital bridge that exists between people and brand. People are unpredictable, they can be massive early adoption of technology at home and for pleasure and yet the change that digital technology can bring to an organisation can often be resisted. The challenge is not the technology it is people culture.

What We Think

Journey mapping is just as relevant for employees as it is for customers. Technology can play a very significant role in understanding and improving the way in which people work, the way in which they communicate with each other and the way in which the organisation communicates with them. Digital technology on multiple devices can support performance management, sales success and personal development via the Personal Learning Cloud. It is an exciting and dynamic world in which to work.

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What We Do

As an organisation and as principals, we have vast experience in the deployment of performance management systems, sales performance systems, leadership and learning and development platforms are based on the cloud. The real insight that we have developed over the last 10 years or so is that the software and the technology really needs to come second. We need to get people believing in the need for the change that technology promises and to embrace the value of capturing data about the world in which they work