What is “Digital Transformation?” There are lots of definitions around all of which revolve around the process of using digital technology to create new or to modify existing business process. Add to this, comments about organisation culture, developing customer journeys and employee experiences and it is easy to feel daunted. The word transformation implies large-scale, wholesale change. We prefer to see digital transformation as evolution. In our mind it is the gradual process of understanding when digital technology can help businesses to create better value for their customers and shareholders. It can start with a piece of sales and marketing software and could finish with the digital revolution. How far and how fast you go is influenced by strategic priorities that your business has.

Our workshops look at your current situation either broadly or by going narrow and deep. What this means is that an initial workshop can create an overall perspective on which areas to evaluate, and in what order, for digital change. Alternatively, we can pick one specific burning issue and start to identify opportunities for digital change. These can include:


Outcomes can range from:

  • Broad Strategy Development and Statements to create a foundation for the future.
  • Strategy Mapping and Strategy Alignment that looks at both the current and desired state.
  • Business Model Review in which we, together with you, question the extent to which the existing business model is right for digital change.
  • Change Success in which some core tools are used to evaluate how ready and how capable your organisation is to make the change.


How you interact with your customers, at every point in their journey with you is mapped to begin to identify the possibilities of digital interactions that will enhance their experience with you.


Every day there are indications that people productivity may have peaked. There is little doubt that the path to greater organisational productivity will be paved by employees who have access to, embrace, and are supported by technology. The capacity to support people with digital interventions, AI, cloud support, productivity apps and digital services is growing every day. Our interventions will expose how people can work more productively individually, collaboratively, and across teams. The ability of technology to deliver more effective communication more quickly, to interrupt information overload with insights and to provide valuable decision support is one of the most exciting developing areas of digital transformation.


Understanding how what you have now is helping you or hindering you is also an important part of the equation. We work with you to identify how the different digital assets that you have, from your website, to operating software that is supported by artificial intelligence is currently able to sustain your business on its strategic journey, improve its income, control its expenses and deliver value.